GameMaker: Studio

GameMaker: Studio 1.4.1763

Design your very own games using easy-to-learn drag-and-drop actions
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Game Maker is a program to develop games without programming.
With drag-and-drop actions, it allows you to create games in few time, using backgrounds, animated graphics, music and sound effects.

You can use the Lite Edition for free, if you want more complex functions, you will need to upgrade to the Pro Version.

You can even sell the games you produce.

Game Maker lets you use its ready made sprites, background, music, objects and rooms, or design your own. You can even use its ready made games to learn from them, or adapt them to your project.

You can use the built-in script editor to fine tune your game, and you can save your work in progress in its native .gmk format. Once everything works fine, you can compile the source code to make and executable that everyone will be able to run.

The program lets you design screen with information about the game, import and export scripts, search for specific values in the code, run the program in normal or debug mode, and more.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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